Anthony Fuller RoSPA (Dip) L e a P 2 Drive Advanced Driver Trainer Anthony Fuller RoSPA (Dip)            L e a P  2 Drive Advanced Driver Trainer

Learner, Pass Plus, RoSPA Advanced, DSA Official Fleet or Official Driving Instructor Training? If you want the best instructor, your in the right place.

Current Pass Rate 90%

Dated April 2014, over the past 6 months Anthony has achieved a 90% Pass Rate with pupils. The breakdown is as follows:


Five males four females. One test at Beverley Test Centre; two at Malton Test Centre; one at Goole Test Centre; three at Scarborough Test Centre; three at York Test Centre.


Three automatic tests, six manual and one disability with special adaptations fitted to car. Eight standard tests; one extended (for disabilities) and one advanced driving test.


Nine passes, one failed. Only candidate who did not pass 1st time passed soon after at 2nd attempt.


Manual or Automatic


Malton - York - Scarborough - Bridlington - Pickering - Market Weighton 

Your in luck, all covered by one of the highest qualified instructors in the region


Anthony Fuller RoSPA (Dip)

Police Trained Driver - RoSPA Gold Standard Advanced Driver - RoSPA Advanced Driving Instructor - Official DSA ORDIT Driving Instructor Trainer - Official DSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer - QEF Qualified to Instruct those with Special Needs & Disabilities


Meet Anthony Fuller RoSPA(Dip) Maltons Highest Qualified Driving Instructor


Anthony runs his own driving school LeaP 2 Drive but also trains Red Driving Schools driving instructors so you can be sure of expert tuition from the instructors instructor!

Anthony Fuller RoSPA(Dip) was the 1st instructor in history to take a pupil through the UK Driving Test in an electric car. Navdeep Pandher passed 1st time and with just two minor faults.
Dr Nasa passed his test 1st time with no faults at all. The examiner Helen said 'One of the best tests I have seen. You have been taught by a very good instructor.'
Hussain passed 1st time in York and once again with no faults at all. The examiner said excellent drive you have been well instructed by a good instructor.'
Emily passed her theory 1st time with 100%. She says 'Anthony provides free theory study to his pupils and I got 100%. He is the perfect instructor who provides outstanding support and tuition from start to finish.'
Kate says 'Anthony Fuller, best there is. I have a young son whose safety is so important to me so I not only wanted to pass my test but wanted to be a good safe driver. The quality of the instructor was important, Anthony is the best there is.'

So if you want one of the regions best instructors to help you achieve an early pass in your driving test, and most importantly a top instructor to help you become a safe driver then call Anthony today. Remember 1 in 4 who pass their test are involved in life changing road accidents in the 1st year, so if minimising the risk is important to you call 07990 617412 to begin your lessons.


If however, you just seek the cheapest instructors without regards to quality or qualifications you may prefer to look elsewhere. Anthony is not the cheapest instructor, but be honest with yourself, the best seldom are! 


Now see what Chris says:

'Do not settle for 2nd best. The examiner said you are a very good driver so I said yes because I used the best instructor. My advice is don't settle for 2nd best because of price, do go with Anthony, go for quality for road safety and peace of mind.'
Carol says "The skills Anthony passes on in his lessons is incredible. Skills most drivers just don't even think of. I had a different instructor in Scarborough before I met Anthony. Anthonys knowledge and instruction was just so superior.


Whether you a learner driver with limited or no experience at all, whether you are a full licence holder wishing to improve or even a qualified driving instructor wishing to improve your skills, Anthony Fuller RoSPA(Dip) is qualified to assist.

You will be in safe hands - as a retired police officer Anthony was trained to drive to the highest standard at a police driving school. He can therefore pass on his extensive knowledge to you!

Do you want to learn with a top qualified driving instructor? 


Well Anthony certainly fits the bill.


But how about a top qualified driving instructor who actually trains other driving instructors?


Now theres an opportunity!


Anthony says 'I am an official DSA driving instructor trainer. I am also DSA Fleet Registered which means companies engage me to train company car drivers to improve overall knowledge and driving skills; of course as a police trained driver and as one of the few instructors qualified to Diploma level in advanced driving and advanced driving instruction with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), then I also train full licence holders in advanced driving skills to pass advanced driving tests at the very highest levels. The full package of driving instruction is offered and very few other instructors can say that.


'However, I never forget I had to learn to drive once, so I always retain slots in my diary so I can help learners, not just to pass their test but to be safe competent drivers for years to come. I believe because of my speciaist knowledge, experience and expertise learners will achieve test standard quicker with me and will definately reach higher levels of driving skills than those taught by most other instructors. With one in four who pass their tests being involved in life changing road accidents within the first year of passing their test, the choice of driving instructor is a very important one.'


Training Delivered by Anthony Fuller RoSPA(Dip)

Don't take risks when driving or learning to drive, contact Anthony today on 07990 617412 and take the opportunity to learn with one of the regions highest qualified driving instructors!




Do BEWARE of instructors who advertise that they are Driving Instructor Trainers or Fleet Trainers. Anthony is the only Official DSA Registered ADI in the Malton area who is a DSA Official Fleet Trainer and ORDIT Driving Instructor Trainer. Sadly, currently any ADI can advertise this training, even if they do not have the official qualifications. If you are not sure whether someone is properly qualified contact the Driving Standards Agency on 0300 200 1122 who will be pleased to assist you.

'His qualifications are impressive of course, but you only have to see how many people Anthony's helped to pass their driving test first time and then see what they have to say to realise what an outstanding driving instructor he is' - Dr Nasa after passing his driving test first time with no faults.


'Listen to Anthony and you will pass, simple as. I passed first time with no faults at all the examiner said you are well taught, great drive. Anthony Fuller is an amazing driving instructor - Carl Oglesby.


Christie's training to be a Driving Instructor & Anthony is Training her in North Yorkshire

Christie says 'One day I hope to be as good an instructor as Anthony. His knowledge and teaching skills are second to none.'

Driving lessons in Beverley Anthony taught Sophie, she passed 1st time

Sophie says 'Anthony is just amazing. He made me feel so relaxed prior to my test. He said I'd pass 1st time and I did'

Driving lessons in Hull Anthony taught Scott, he passed 1st time

Scott says 'Of course I passed 1st time, straight after my test I booked lessons for my partner Rachel with Anthony and she passed her test first time too. Anthony is a superb instructor.'

Driving lessons in Bridlington Anthony taught Diane, she passed 1st time

Diane says 'I cannot believe I passed first time. I owe it all to Anthony a brilliant teacher.'

Diagnosed Special Needs Anthony taught Sally and she passed 1st time

Sally says 'My 1st driving instructor said I was too thick to learn to drive so I stopped going to him. Mum then picked Anthony. He was just amazing and I passed 1st time.'

Driving lessons for those with disabilities - Andrew received a heart transplant and has paralysis to his left arm and he passed 1st time

Andrew says 'No one else in Malton or York area could teach me to drive because I'm disabled. I needed a special instructor. My mum contacted Anthony. He taught me to drive and I passed 1st time with just 2 minor faults. Anthony's the best there is.'

Automatic driving lessons in York, Anthony taught Danielle and she passed 1st time

Danielle says 'I am so glad I chose Anthony. I passed 1st time because he is the best.'

Manual driving lessons in Scarborough Anthony taught Rachel and she passed 1st time

Rachel says 'I went to Anthony because he was recommended to me. I attended an intensive course of lessons with Anthony and passed just a week after I started so I'd recommend Anthony to anyone who wants to pass their test quickly.'

Manual driving lessons in Malton Anthony taught Shawn and he passed 1st time

Shawn says 'Of course I passed 1st time, Anthony taught me. Everyone he teaches passes 1st time don't they?'



***** 90% PASS RATE *****









 Carol (below) used another instructor and failed her test with 27 faults. She switched to Anthony and passed with ease. Carol says 'Instructors are not all the same, believe me. Anthony is fantastic. Ask him to teach you to drive he really is the best!'




Carol passed her test straight away in Scunthorpe once she switched to Anthony

Carol adds 'At first I used another instructor and failed my test with 27 faults. It was recommended I call Anthony. Then after just three two hour lessons with Anthony he put all the faults right and I passed straight away.'

Manual driving lessons in Bridlington Anthony taught Sam and he passed 1st time

Sam says 'I passed 1st time. The examiner said 'you are a good driver'. I told him I have a good instructor. Thank you Anthony.'

Manual driving lessons in Hull Anthony taught James and he passed 1st time

James says 'I passed 1st time because Anthony is the best instructor around - simple as.'

Anthony even taught Navdeep, the very first person ever in the UK to pass the test in an electric car following driving lessons in Hull and yes he passed his test first time!

Anthony is pictured above with Red Driving School Chief Executive Officer Ian McIntosh (left) and his successful pupil Navdeep. As the result of Anthony's expert instruction Navdeep made history and was the very first person in the UK to pass a driving test in an electric car.


Navdeep a computer science student at the University of Hull says 'A dream come true. I only achieved my dream because I had the very best instructor there is. Thank you Anthony you are highly recommended.'

Keith (above) is a HGV driver & received life threatening injuries in an RTA. AVIVA instructed Anthony to provide advanced driving lessons to assist Keiths recovery. Keith says 'Even though I have been a HGV driver for many years I have never met anyone with so much knowledge on driving - Anthony is amazing'

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This is the Official Web Site of Anthony Fuller RoSPA(Dip)

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Record Breaking - History Making

* * * * *

Highly Qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor 

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Anthony is:


  • Advanced Driver (1977) - Trained at a Police Driving School
  • DSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer
  • Advanced Driver (2012) - RoSPA Gold Award Winner. This is the UK's Toughest Advanced Driving Test (outside of the police) & Gold Standard is the Highest Award
  • Specialist Instructor - Quailified Queen Elizabeth Foundation Specialist Instructor for those Diagnosed Special Needs & Disabilities
  • RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction - Qualified & Recommended as a RoSPA Advanced Driver Training for those wishing to achieve the highest standard of Advanced Driving
  • BTEC Level 3 Advanced Driving Instruction
  • ORDIT registered instructor of ADI's - Anthony trains Driving Instructors
  • Experienced Teacher - Key Skills Literacy & Communications Lecturer


and there's more...........


Poorer grade ADI's charge similar rates to the best instructors so it is advisable to carry out research before you select a driving instructor. It is likely should you select a higher grade instructor you will achieve test standard quicker and save yourself considerable amounts of money due to the fact you are likely to require fewer lessons.


Anthony is highly qualified as an ADI and during 2012 he became the first ever driving instructor to take a provisional licence holder through a driving test in the UK in an electric car.  He is a record breaking, history making approved driving instructor, who has personal driving qualifications to match. His 17 year old pupil Navdeep Pandher passed the test in the electric car, despite all the added pressure of TV and media attention and passed with just two minor faults. Anthony has an undoubted ability to teach, plus a rare exceptional quality in putting pupils at ease. 


Navdeep is pictured below receiving his Pass Certificate from Anthony. Navdeep adds "Anthony was just amazing he is highly recommended to anyone. He taught me to pass my test when I took automatic driving lessons in Hull in an electric car, and then I took driving lessons in Hull in a manual car. I passed all tests first time. Anthony is just an expert at everything to do with teaching people to drive."

Red Driving School have over 2,000 instructors - RED are the largest and most succesful driving school in the UK. Recently RED highlighted their top five UK instructors and of  over the 2,000 they have - Anthony is amongst the top five; and he is a driving instructor trainer, which means of all those instructors who ask you to take lessons with them, well Anthony trains them (or instructors like them), so what can be better than a highly qualified instructor?


An Instructors Instructor - an 'Expert Instructor' who trains other instructors. If you want the very best Instructor, you're in the right place!


Anthony is the highest qualified driving instructor in the region.


Do you want a driving instructor with more to offer than the rest?  


Do you want a driving instructor whose that good he is an instructors instructor and has even made history?  


Well if you reside in North Yorkshire or Humberside then you've found him!

Manual; Automatic; Special Needs; Disabled - Green Light, Anthony can help

Do you want driving lessons in a manual car?

You're in the right place

Do you want driving lessons in an automatic car?

Yes Anthony can do that as well

Are you looking for an instructor who is qualified to instruct those with special needs or with a disability? Maybe you require a suitably adapted car?

No problem, Anthony is a specialist instructor trained by the Queen Elizabeth Foundation

Why Choose Anthony? 
  • Anthony is DSA ORDIT Registered Driving Instructor (Trains Driving Instructors)
  • Anthony is a DSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer & Trains Companies Drivers (such as sales representatives & deivery staff) to Drive to a Higher Safer Standard
  • Anthony is an Advanced Driver Trained at a Police Driving School
  • Anthony has Passed the Police Promotion Exams including Road Traffic Law
  • Anthony is a Member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association Gold Award Winner
  • Anthony has Passed the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction (Distinction)
  • Anthony has Passed the QEF course to instruct Special Needs and Disabilities
  • Anthony is a Member of the Driving Instructors Association
  • Anthony has Achieved the Level 3 BTEC Award in Advanced Driving
  • Anthony is a Qualified Lecturer in Literacy & Communication Key Skills
  • Anthony is a Grade 5 DSA ADI
  • Pupils Receive Free Hazard Perception and Theory Training
  • Pupils Receive a Mock Test before the Driving Test so are Properly Prepared
  • The Cars Auto & Manual - Perfect for Purpose. Replaced with Latest Models Regularly
  • Pupils Receive Free Progress Report Records Updated at Every Lesson
  • Pupils Receive Free High Quality Study Material (examples pictured below)

Anthony is one of Red Driving School's very best instructors. Highlighted in the top 5 out of 2,000 instructors nationally

and he covers North Yorkshire & Humberside

Anthony was trained to drive at a police driving school in 1977


Following retirement from the police service, Anthony trained as a college lecturer and has experience in teaching young people aged 16 to 19 in Key Skills Literacy and Communication. As a highly trained driver and with experience as a lecturer in Communication Skills, Anthony then qualified as an ADI and is assessed by the Government as amongst the very best. Anthony uses his experience to instruct and advise learners, intermediate and more advanced drivers of all ages. He assists students who learn to drive, to drive safely, confidently, within the law and with due regard for other road users.

Anthony has also held a full motorbike licence for over 30 years, he fully understands all sides of motoring

Anthony has passed the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association driving test - GOLD standard. RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association Gold Award is the highest civilian award in the most difficult driving test within the UK. RoSPA examiners are all Class 1 Police Drivers.

Anthony has passed with Distinction the RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction. One of the highest qualifications any driving instructor can achieve.

You can take advantage of Anthony's considerable experience and learn to drive and pass your driving test, Pass Plus or advanced driving test; or just improve your current driving standard. Provisional and full driving licence holders are welcome.


It's true. Anthony provides all pupils with


Contact Anthony today to book an appointment or just find out more:



Anthony is not just an advanced police driver but has also passed the RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association driving test and was awarded Gold standard. The RoSPA Advanced Driving Test is the most difficult driving test available to drivers in the UK and Gold standard is the very highest award. 

Awarded to only the very best!


There's more.....

As a pupil of Anthony's in addition to FREE study material and FREE online theory and hazard perception training each pupil receives a Progress Record and Appointment Card and depending on previous experience all or some of the following driving skills are learned and developed:

  • Moving Off Safely
  • Steer Accurate Course
  • Stop Normally
  • Gear Changing
  • Clutch Control (Level & Uphill)
  • Approaching & Turning Left
  • Approaching & Emerging Left
  • Approaching & Turning Right
  • Approaching & Emerging Right
  • Crossing Path
  • Moving Off at an Angle
  • Hill Starts (Up & Down)
  • Controlled Stop
  • Cross Roads
  • Effective Mirror Use
  • Give Signals
  • Reverse in a Straight Line
  • Reversing Left
  • Reversing Right
  • Turn in the Road
  • Reverse Parking (Kerb & Bay)
  • Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Complex Junctions
  • Progress
  • Space
  • Meeting
  • Crossing
  • Overtaking
  • Dual Carriageways
  • One Way Systems
  • Anticipation
  • Driving on Direction
  • Risk Assessment
  • Visual Search Skills

Anthony says 'As each lesson is introduced, I might offer an initial demonstration, my students practice and at times might be dependant upon my assistance, but following friendly instruction they become more confident and independent.'

  • Want cheaper lessons? - Special Rates available when booking ten or more lessons
  • Want to learn quickly? - Intensive Driving Course's (crash course's) available 

email or call 07990 617412


Always take advice from others who have experience of learning with an instructor before you choose who to learn with. On every page of this web site you can read what current and past students have to say about their experiences of learning with Anthony.


Phil (pictured below) took driving lessons in Scarborough and received free theory study from Anthony whilst taking his driving lessons in Scarborough. He passed both his theory test and practical driving test with ease; and both first time.

Anthony is a member of the Driving Instructors Association and abides by the Code of Conduct and is covered by Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance so you can enjoy your driving lessons with confidence
Jack (below) says 'Anthony really helped me stay calm. I thought I would never pass my test because I was so nervous, but Anthony's support and instruction helped me through it. He was so reassuring'. 
Under Anthony's guidance Jack passed both his Theory Test and Driving Test following his driving lessons in Scarborough.

Carl (below) passed his test first time with no faults whatsoever and said "I contacted Red Driving School and told them Anthony is a superb instructor, they said we know.' Carl took driving lessons in Hull.

If you want driving test success like Carl, Navdeep and the rest then take your driving lessons with one of the very best instructors so......

Contact Anthony on 07990 617412


Apart from being an expert driver Anthony has held a full motorbike licence for over 30 years. He understands all aspects of motoring

Manual driving lessons in Hull, driving lessons in Scarborough, driving lessons in Malton, driving lessons in Bridlington, driving lessons in York. Automatic driving lessons in Hull, automatic driving lessons in Scarborough, automatic driving lessons in Whitby, automatic driving lessons in Hull, automatic driving lessons in Bridlington, automatic driving lessons in York.........And all surrounding areas.

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